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Corns are notorious for causing pain and making even the most comfortable pair of shoes feel unbearable. As a highly-skilled board-certified podiatrist, Brian Lee, DPM, of Southern Illinois Family Foot Care in Mount Vernon, Illinois, can get rid of your corns once and for all. Before living another day with painful corns on your feet, schedule an evaluation. Book your visit through the online scheduling system, or by calling the clinic.

Corn Removal Q & A

What causes corns?

When you have an area exposed to lots of friction or pressure, your skin is going to try to protect itself by covering the area with more layers of skin. These can occur on your hands or feet and are called corns.

Usually, corns develop on areas of your feet that don’t bear body weight. Instead, they occur in areas where skin rubs against skin, or where skin rubs against materials — such as between your toes or on the tops of your toes.

You can develop corns due to:

  • Wearing snug-fitting shoes
  • Wearing shoes that are too loose
  • Not wearing socks with shoes

Corns and calluses are often linked together. They’re both thick, hardened layers of your skin that develop as a protective barrier when your skin comes into contact with friction or pressure, but calluses rarely cause pain and are generally larger than corns. Either way, treatments are similar.

How are corns treated?

Dr. Lee offers many different solutions for corn treatments, depending on your needs and the symptoms you’re experiencing. Many corn sufferers find relief after Dr. Lee pares down the corn and trims away the surrounding thickened skin.

Dr. Lee performs this minimally invasive surgical procedure right in the office, and it causes little to no discomfort. Plus, he can treat any lingering calluses the same way, if needed. You can continue smoothing the area and helping your skin heal by using a pumice stone after you bathe or shower.

In many cases, Dr. Lee suggests getting fitted for custom orthotics, especially if you continue to develop corns or have corns that are so severe that they’re preventing you from participating in the things you enjoy. He designs these custom orthotics right in the office.

Can I prevent corns from coming back?

Frequently, yes. Once Dr. Lee treats your corns — or calluses — he can work with you to prevent future issues. Some of the best ways to avoid corns include:

  • Wearing shoes with more toe room
  • Applying non-medicated corn pads or bandages
  • Using toe separators
  • Wearing custom orthotics daily

Dr. Lee often discusses your footwear with you to ensure the shoes you’re wearing don’t continue to cause you problems.

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