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Custom orthotics are one of the best ways to relieve chronic foot pain and issues with long-term foot conditions. With his expertise in chronic and complex foot issues, expert podiatrist Brian Lee, DPM, of Southern Illinois Family Foot Care in Mount Vernon, Illinois, designs custom orthotics right in the office. Dr. Lee can give you relief and help you jump back into your usual routine as soon as you start wearing your orthotics. Get fitted for your custom orthotics today by scheduling an appointment online or calling the office.

Orthotics Q & A

Why do I need custom orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics are medical shoe inserts designed for your feet and your feet only. They’re individualized to provide correct support to your arch, reposition your heel, and cushion your toes.

You might need custom orthotics if you have:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Corns or calluses
  • Unexplained arch pain
  • Bunions or bunionettes
  • Hammertoes or mallet toes

Custom orthotics are even beneficial if you have widespread nerve pain from diabetes (neuropathy). Plus, if you have a leg, hip, or lower back pain, custom orthotics improve your alignment, which can resolve those issues in some cases. What’s particularly helpful about orthotics is that you can often get relief as soon as you start wearing them.

Are custom orthotics better than store-bought orthotics?

Custom orthotics tailor to your exact needs, so they’re more likely to provide relief and help you recover from pain-causing conditions. The issue with one-size-fits-all orthotics you can purchase at the pharmacy is that they’re not tailor-made for your foot.

You might get too much support in specific areas, or not enough support in other areas with general store-bought orthotics. Over time, this imbalance can worsen your condition and leave you with even more discomfort.

Do I need special shoes with orthotics?

Generally no, but it depends on your everyday footwear. Custom orthotics are designed to provide structure and support without adding extra bulk to your shoes. Usually, you can comfortably wear your orthotics in several different pairs of shoes.

Dr. Lee discusses your typical footwear with you and gives you guidelines on what to look for in proper footwear. For instance, you need shoes that have plenty of wiggle room in the toes and that don’t have a high heel.

How are custom orthotics made?

Dr. Lee and his team use state-of-the-art Hollywood technology right in the office that allows them to capture perfect 3D images of your foot. Using modern scanners and cameras, Dr. Lee gets precise measurements of your feet and arches.

He uses this information to customize each orthotic based on your specific needs. After designing your orthotics, Dr. Lee sends your data to a medical lab that creates your orthotics, often within just a few days.

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