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Having an ingrown toenail isn’t just incredibly painful, it can also leave you open to developing an infection. Mount Vernon, Illinois’ top podiatrist, Brian Lee, DPM, offers modern ingrown toenail treatments at Southern Illinois Family Foot Care. Because many ingrown toenail treatments don’t take long, you may even be able to schedule your visit during your lunch break. Book your ingrown toenail evaluation through the online scheduling feature or by calling the clinic.

Ingrown Toenail Q & A

What is an ingrown toenail?

As the name implies, an ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) means that your toenail grows into your skin.

Typically, your toenail is supposed to grow straight outwards in length. In some cases though, the corners of your toenail break through your skin along the edges of your nail bed, causing inflammation.

If left untreated, your toenail can continue cutting into your skin, worsening the wound as your toenail grows. Without proper treatment, this can lead to severe pain and possibly infection.

Why do I have an ingrown toenail?

In many cases, ingrown toenails develop as a side effect of cutting your toenails too short. You can also form them if you trim your toenails incorrectly — you should cut and file straight across. It’s even normal to develop ingrown toenails because of:

  • Snug-fitting shoes
  • Poor posture
  • Injury or trauma
  • Poor foot hygiene

Some ingrown toenail sufferers develop this painful condition repeatedly because of their toenail shape. If you have unusually curved nails that curl under along the edges during growth, you’re more likely to develop ingrown toenails.

How are ingrown toenails treated?

If caught early, ingrown toenail treatment isn’t painful or invasive. Dr. Lee numbs your toe — if needed — and trims away the portion of your toenail that’s ingrown. He also spends time reshaping your toenail and teaching you how to prevent future ingrown toenails.

If your ingrown toenail is infected, you might need surgery. Ingrown toenail surgery — which Dr. Lee performs right in the office — involves thoroughly numbing your affected toe and removing a portion of your toenail. In severe cases, Dr. Lee has to remove your entire toenail.

Either way, Dr. Lee often uses radiofrequency treatments to treat both your ingrown toenail and the infected tissue. This way, you won’t have to worry about chemical burns from harsh treatment chemicals.

Ingrown toenail surgery allows the affected toenail and surrounding tissue area to heal so your toenail can grow back healthily. You might also need antibiotics if you have an ingrown toenail infection.

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